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Anne Millhauser

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About Me

As a lifelong Santa Cruzian who somehow doesn’t surf, I have always striven to follow my own path. I'm the child of a burn nurse and a chemistry professor, so pursuing any kind of theatre came as a surprise. After spending much of my life in Synagogue teaching prayers and bouncing between countless theatre rehearsals, community came to feed my artistic flame. Art has always made me feel seen, especially as a young, queer Jew. Finding those special spaces where I can embrace my nerdy and shy self have brought me so much inner peace. As a proud mental health advocate, particularly around OCD, all I can hope is to continue the chain of creating safe spaces for introspection through writing, directing, singing, and performing. 

About Me

Writing: My Mission

Community, Exploration, and Safe Spaces.  I believe in writing and performing in stories for those who find themselves existing in-between the margins of the world's notebook. Not the central idea, but a dreamy doodle that one wishes could be a reality.

Here is an article about my premiere short play: The Glade.

Writing Samples!

Here are some writing samples from my play,The Glade, and my screenplay Missed Calls.

When a new flower grows in Willow's place of comfort, the Glade, she must fight against the elements to find her inner peace again.

Sky must reckon with an unexpected call from their grandfather after many years.

Writing Samples



Most Recent Project:

Ghost Quartet

I'm recently produced, directed and starred as Brittain in Ghost Quartet for my cumulative capstone project at UCLA. 

Current Projects

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